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Inspired by Tibetan Thangkas

Kevin Hong Anatomical Tibetan Chart detail Kevin Hong Anatomical Tibetan Chart

Tibetan thangka’s inspired New York city based illustrator Kevin Hong to create his own anatomical charts.

Thangkas, especially anatomical thankas, combined medical knowledge with Buddhist tradition and Tibetan lore.

Tibetan tangka anatomy 17th Century

The Blue Beryl thangkas, created between 1687 and 1703



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Visible Tom Waits

Tom Waits poster by Jim Lockey

This brilliant depiction of the inner workings of actor/musician Tom Waits was created by UK artist Jim Lockey. According to Lockey:

This picture is inspired by both the many varying and unique descriptions of Tom’s even more unique voice; and the content of his songs.

You can purchase this and Lockey’s other work at a totally reasonable price (available as prints, T-shirts, skins, etc.) via society6.com.

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Troels Carlsen’s Paperworks

Yesterdays Troels Carlsen

Fetus Troels Carlsen

Seasonal Loss Troels Carlsen

Danish artist Troels Carlsen is inspired by the human condition, specifically how art has captured human life over the last few centuries. I love that he uses old anatomical texts and illustrations as a base and inspiration for some of his pieces. He doesn’t just cut them out and use them as a collage, but rather uses them as his canvas. I suggest watching the above video on him to truly get a sense of his style.

View more of Troels’ fabulous work on his site, troelscarlsen.com.

[spotted by Manuel Kolb]

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Seo Young Deok Bicycle Chains

Seo_Young Deok bicycle chain sculpture (5)

Seo_Young Deok bicycle chain sculpture (3)

Seo_Young Deok bicycle chain sculpture (2)

Seo_Young Deok bicycle chain sculpture (4)

Seo_Young Deok bicycle chain sculpture (1)

South Korean artist, Seo Young Deok creates beautifully accurate sculptures out of a single material, bicycle chain. He welds each chain in what becomes a long and intense process lasting months. And while bicycle chains might be seen as a representation of the freedom a bicycle affords, Seo Young Deok’s sculptures seem heavy, damaged and oppressed.

His latest solo-exhibition, Dystopia, is currently travelling the world. View more of his pieces at youngdeok.com.

[spotted by Dani B]

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Circuit Skull

Graham Rudge Circuit Skull

Graham Rudge Circuit Skull

Fabulous skull made out of computer parts and speakers from a city landfill, by Yukon School of Visual Arts student, Graham Rudge. “Circuit skull” explores the ever increasing bond between humans and their technology.

Graham’s skull won the BMO Financial Group 1st Art! Competition in 2011 and as part of his reward had “Circuit Skull” shown at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA).

[spotted by Vincent Potvin]

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Levi van Veluw’s Veneer Series

Levi van Veluw Veneer

Levi van Veluw Veneer

Levi van Veluw Veneer

Levi van Veluw Veneer

Netherlands-based multidisciplinary artist, Levi van Veluw, is a master at crafting different types of materials and patterns using his head as the sole canvas. I love how the figures look almost haunting with their expressionless faces and how the patterns and textures accentuate different features of the head.

View all of Levi’s work on his portfolio site, levivanveluw.nl!

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