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Lee Kwang Ho’s Cactus Paintings. Intensely realistic paintings…

Lee Kwang Ho’s Cactus Paintings.
Intensely realistic paintings of cacti by Korean artist Lee Kwang Ho.  I feel like I might get pricked if I were to get too close to these.
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The Supersonic Interview: Jeremy Enecio

I first became aware of Jeremy Enecio several years ago as I was perusing through mediocre, run of the mill artists on a website known as ConcepArt.org when out of nowhere, like an electric apparition, his work appeared. I had found a needle in the haystack and it had punctured me deeply. I felt a thorough connection to the small showing that he had presented there and though I had only just discovered this treasure of art I felt it had been with me for a very long distance, perhaps stretched thin at the edges of my subconscious finally brought into focus through Jeremy’s talented hand.