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The Golem – Black Francis

Black Francis To Release The Golem Rock Album + DVD

Original Score To The Golem : How He Came Into The World

Out November 16th Exclusively On Black Francis Web Store

An original score by BLACK FRANCIS

Often regarded as the height of German expressionism, the silent, black and white film “The Golem” (also known in it’s German form, “Der Golem”) was the last of a series of three films by director Paul Wegener and was released in 1920.

Set in the 16th century, “The Golem: How He Came Into The World” tells the story of the persecution of the Jews of Prague. The towns Rabbi (Rabbi Loew), foreseeing these events, constructs a giant ‘Golem’ out of clay in order to protect his people. Mayhem ensues when the creature rebels and begins to destroy the ghetto. The highly expressionistic imagery seen in the film was captured by legendary cinematographer Karl Freund, who went on to do the classic “Metropolis” in 1927. (more…)