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Taber Storm – Color

View LARGE here: www.flickr.com/photos/the_kav/6047421895/sizes/o/in/set-7…

This is a 11 shot image stitched together to make one image. Once the image was stitched I made 2 more copies of it and adjusted the exposures to +1 and -1 stops in order to bring out more details in the extreme blacks and whites.

This HDR (High Dynamic Range) has much more detail then the original image that I posted a few weeks ago….the one that was published in newspapers all over the world. Yup, still trying to get over all of that attention.

I just returned from a vacation and realized that I had taken these 11 shots not knowing if they would/could be stitched together much less make a usable image from them. As it turns out they came together quite nicely and I was able to add some punch to the image. (more…)