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Titanic 1912 Newsreel (original)

Here is one of the original theatre newsreels that was shown to the eager public following the Titanic disaster. Although this footage is labelled up and presented to show the Titanic, the footage vessel shown is Titanic’s older sister Olympic and filmed in New York during the summer of 1911. Captain Edward John Smith is seen wearing the White Star Lines summer uniform. We see views of life onboard the vessel prior to and departing from the New York return voyage. Captain Smith is seen on the bridge and Starboard bridge wings, watching the activity on the dockside and forward well-deck below him. We see passengers walking the A-Deck promanade and aft decks of Boat Deck, A Deck and B Deck. We also see views across the Poop Deck that show some of the ships telegraphs and phones on the stern docking bridge. We also get a chance to view the Boat Deck with lifeboats in position, looking from aft towards the bow. (more…)