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Christinae Suecorum Gothorum Vandalorumque…

Christinae Suecorum Gothorum Vandalorumque Reginae…

Published by the Congregatio de Propaganda Fide in 1656, this collection of verse was printed to welcome Christina Alexandra to Rome. It is printed in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Arabic.

It is in the collection of the Newberry Library.

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laphamsquarterly: The Bormann decree, written by Hitler’s…


The Bormann decree, written by Hitler’s private secretary Martin Bormann, altered the look of the Nazi party by changing the official font from Fraktur (a traditional Gothic blackletter) to Antiqua (a standard serif).

Fraktur, he explains, contains Schwabacher-Jewish letters. Schwabacher was the most used German typeface since 1530, and was derived directly from Textura, designed by Johannes Gutenberg.


National Socialist German Workers Party [Nazis]
Deputy to the Führer
Munich 33, on [date – empty space], Brown House [Nazi headquarters]

Stabsleiter (Chief of Staff)

currently in Obersalzberg, 3 January 1941

C i r c u l a r L e t t e r
(Not for publication)

For general notice I announce the following by order of the Führer: