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Hey everyone! This week is the second, and final (for now), week of Nyarlathotep collaborations with contemporary horror authors. There are some really amazing and utterly bizarre descriptions in this set! Here’s a run down of the fantastic authors that contributed this week:

SILVIA-MORENO GARCIA: Silvia’s short story collection This Strange Way Of Dying is an absolutely stunning combination of other wordly beauty and dark mythology (check out Bloodlines). Self described as “Mexican by birth, Canadian by inclination” her work infuses Mexican folklore with modern characters and settings. Her fragment is one of the shortest but also one of the most striking! In a short paragraph she really managed to unnerve me!

PHILIP GELATT: Along with Tim and Ruth, Phil is one third of The Double Shadow podcast. After I had two guest spots on the podcast we met in real life at NecronomiCon 2013. Phil’s a man of many hats and he wears all of them extremely well. Comic writer, screen writer, podcaster, director and all around good dude. Phil wrote the screenplay for the ultragrim and hyper realistic sci-fi downer Europa Report. It’s an amazing movie and everyone should see it! Phil’s fragment is the funniest by far, but still manages to retain a tinge of creepiness.

GEMMA FILES: I first encountered Gemma Files’ work in Ellen Datlow’s collection Lovecraft Unbound. Her story Marya Nox, told in the form of a transcripted interview is an eerie tale about an unholy temple and the disturbing things that happen therein. Her “fragment” is more of a short story and what a short story it is. She told me she has plans to fully flesh it out and I sincerely hope that happens because this is one of my favorites. It combines medieval witchcraft with the mythos and it does so superbly.

W.H. PUGMIRE: W.H. Pugmire has an entire collection of Nyarlathotep themed tales called The Strange Dark One. So when I contacted him, it was more because I was just asking this titan of Lovecraftian mythos weaving, if the story I chose was adequate. And it is my favorite from that collection. But really, any of Pugmire’s Sesqua Valley tales are dripping in dreamlike magic and malevolent consequences and are essential reading for any one interested in contemporary Yogsothery.

LIVIA LLEWELLYN: When I first thought up this weird collaboration idea, I actually had Livia Llewellyn in mind. Her short story collection Engines Of Desire is a must read. The worlds she creates jump to life with vivid descriptions that still leave a lot of tantalizing gaps for the reader to fill in on their own. Her “fragment” is more of a short story and one of the more disturbing entries. I actually grossed myself out drawing this one.

Again, I’m extremely honored that any and all of these authors took the time to answer emails, tolerate my pestering and write a fragment or give me permission to use one of their stories. Thank you so much. I can’t imagine this is the last of this side project. I’ve already got something more from David Conyers so be warned…